How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

The Big Question

What you probably want to know more than anything else is… Can you get rid of your Man Boobs? The answer is a definitive….. Probably… It all depends on how far they’ve progressed and how determined you are to lose ‘em.

My Saga Begins

The root of my problems are, unfortunately, self inflicted – It all began about 2 years ago when I decided to try Finesteride for my Hair Loss (That’s a whole other Saga). Finesteride works by limiting the production of a hormone that causes hair loss – it can also cause Man Boobs in a small percentage of men who take it. I hate being reduced to a statistic – but, yes, I believe I was part of that small percentage.

About a month into taking the Finesteride I began to notice that my chest had grown quite large. I stopped taking the Finesteride (It was making me feel like shit anyway) and assumed my Man Boobs would go away…. I was wrong.

So, what did I do next? Same thing you’re doing – I hit the Internet to look for information.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the internet, but man! The amount of conflicting information out there is overwhelming. I hit Hair Loss Forums and Body Building Forums, and Gynecomastia Forums (that’s the medical name for Man Boobs) and everyone had something different to say.

Here’s the one thing that everyone agrees on – your man boobs fall into one of two categories, the first is…

Gynecomastia (True Gyno):

Gynecomastia is the development of breast tissue in the male chest. There are a couple things you can do to get rid of it; stop taking certain drugs, start taking other drugs etc…

But even if you get rid of the cause, you will probably be left with breast tissue that will not respond to diet or exercise. If you have a full blown case of Gyno then you’re pretty much screwed. The only cure is surgery which costs around $5,000, it’s also very painful and takes 6 weeks to recover.

The Good News

Luckily, only a small percentage of men have true Gynecomastia. Hopefully, you will fall into the second category which is…

Pseudogynecomastia (Fake Gyno)

This condition is caused by fatty deposits in your chest (not breast tissue). If you have Pseudogynecomastia then there are many things you can do about it including:

  • Changing your Diet
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Specific Man Boob Exercises
  • Praying to the Man Boob Gods

How do you know which version you have? The only way to know for sure is to go see your doctor. Sorry, wish I had some charts or, measuring devices I could turn you onto but none exist. But here’s what I can tell you… And it’s… EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Start your Man Boob Reduction Routine as soon as possible! It’s much easier to stop gynecomastia from developing than it is to get rid of it once it’s taken root in your chest. Ignoring my own growing Man Boobs for so long, and hoping they would go away by themselves was my biggest mistake.

Man Boob Treatments

I’m not saying you should run down to the doctor right away (I hate going to the doctor). Even extreme cases of Gyno are not life threatening. I would suggest trying some home remedies first, and if after two or three months you see no improvement, then make an appointment with your doctor.

As for home remedies, there are numerous books on the subject of Man Boob Reduction – I’m sure you saw many of them advertised when you did a web search for “Man Boobs”.

Beware! Most of them are just old, generic diet plans with a new label slapped on them.

In my opinion there are only 2 that are worth looking at:

Free Man Boob Report

The first is Get This Off My Chest NOW – The author has a great “free report” that goes over all the Man Boob Basics. I recommend you download it and read it over before continuing your research. Of course the report doesn’t give away too many secrets because it’s basically a pitch for you to buy the entire system (about $45).

The second system is Chest Coach“. Chest Coach was developed by an Australian named Cliff Manchaster who suffered from “man boobs”. This ebook has a great nutritional fitness and diet program that targets the specific breast tissue fat to eliminate Gynecomastia.

They’re both ebooks which means you get immediately access to them after ordering online, which is good for those of you who like instant gratification. I bought them both – along with a couple others that I ended up getting refunds for (because they sucked).

The ebook I ended up using most was Chest Coach – they’re both very informative, but Chest Coach seemed to fit my lifestyle a little better than the Get This off my Chest system.


After using the techniques in the book for around 6 months what were the results?… Put it this way – I’m not gonna beat out Brad Pitt for a “Best Chest” award, but I can once again do jump rope at the Gym without my chest bouncing around like a bowl of jello.

Wish I had some before pictures to show you – but I really didn’t take my shirt off much during that period of my life. So, here’s my artist’s rendition of what my chest looked like before (thank you photoshop)…

…and after (not retouched)

As you can see in the after picture my nipples are still pretty swollen. The Chest Coach system didn’t seem to do much for this problem, though I think if I had started my Man Boob reduction routine six months earlier I might have nipped (excuse the pun) this problem in the bud as well.

So, basically, using some of the techniques in the Chest Coach ebook, I was able to stop my gyno from progressing, then I was able to reduce my Man Boobs to a tolerable size. They’re still not perfect but at least I can take my shirt off in public again.

Your Man Boobs

So, don’t give up, what I found in my research is that it is possible to get rid of most of the man boobs, most of the time.

If you can afford it I would recommend buying either one of the books mentioned above and seeing if the techniques work for you (you can always get a refund if they don’t) If after 3-4 months you aren’t seeing any improvements then you probably have yourself a case of True Gyno and, depending on how bad it is, you may need to consider surgery, or just get use to it (yeah, right!).

If you want more info on the ebooks – here are two review sites – yes they’re trying to sell you the books so they are biased, but I think they give a pretty fair assessments in their reviews. Sorry, I’m too lazy to do my own reviews.

“Get This Off My Chest NOW” review

“Chest Coach” review

For Cheapskates

If you can’t afford to buy one of the books then you can probably find much of the information on the web in one form or another – it’s just gonna take a bit of digging, and sorting.

If you check back in a couple weeks I’ll try to post links to some of the websites I’ve found that are in line with what the books are teaching (the stuff I know works). I just don’t want to step on the authors toes or violate any copyright issues. (I’m not into lawsuits!)

So, hang in there – and take some sort of action as soon as possible – at least download and read the Free Report – did I mention it’s free!